Sunday Bible Study

Join us for Sunday Morning Bible Study from 9am-10 am. View classes below:

Agape ~ Room 201

This class is comprised primarily, but not limited to, senior adults. The class uses the “Explore the Bible” series from the Southern Baptist Convention (Lifeway) as a guide to studying the books of the Bible. Group discussion is an important part of the learning process and, as always, there will be prayer time and fellowship. 

Faith ~ Room 205

A book-by-book expository Bible study, focusing on application for mature Christians.

Theophilus ~ Room 202

This class is made up mostly of those beyond their 30s. They study God’s Word one book at a time. Loving, caring, sharing, and enjoying fellowship describes this group.

Theology and Life ~ Room 204

This class is a discussion-based class looking at what the Bible teaches on various topics and how that teaching applies to real life.

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